Why Secure Show?

"Venture out from the virtual world, into the real world."

We prefer a world where Secure Show isn't necessary. But for now, it is.

The Internet has indeed fulfilled the promise of opening up our world to new and interesting people. In the last decade it is increasingly common for individuals to make contact first virtually, and then when necessary, meet in person. This, of course, exposes us to more personal risk.

Even though it goes against common sense, we often give in to the practice of making appointments with new contacts without any concern or preparation. Crime tends to follow the easiest path, so the habit of meeting strangers face-to-face with no idea of who they are, has spawned what the media is now calling "crime by appointment."

Whether you're looking to buy or sell a home, rent or lease a home, or meet an online connection in person for the first time, Secure Show offers a proactive measure for safer meetings than has ever before existed!

Simply stated, Secure Show is a quick and easy-to-use identity verification service that helps you determine if the person you're going to meet is who they say they are. Background checks don't always catch criminal records and because they happen without the second person's consent; they are not a deterrent to crime. Secure Show involves both individuals wanting to meet and begins with a trusting assumption; I'm sharing my identity verification approval and photograph with you and once you do the same we can meet in confidence.

The focus here is not about embracing fear,
our attention is on staying safe.