The Founders Inspiration

Secure Show® came directly from a personal need. Actually, it came from a sudden but simple clarity of a denial I'd been quietly haunted by for years.

I began my career as a real estate broker in 1987, before the internet became the method of first contact between broker and client, or buyer or seller, etc. Back then, the first broker/client introduction usually happened through a friend, from a past client,  or the client walked into the office. If the new client was a walk-in, it was customary to copy his/her ID and introduce them to office mates before taking that client out on tour.LynnFinalSM

Then access to the internet emerged, and we not only could post our listings and ads online to broaden the perspective client range and base, but we also began to market ourselves online to find new clients. And it worked!

Whether selling real estate, selling household items, electronics, cars, even for meeting others through online groups or websites, the internet became the place to find each other.

I measured success by the number of responses I received on an ad or posting. Soon I was basking in the glory of my real estate ads being met with enthusiasm! Yet with all of the internet's success, I'd always felt something about this process was amiss. This nagging feeling was usually overridden by the rush of excitement with each new successful posting, but I just couldn't shake the feeling something was being compromised.

One day I went to meet a new client and I arrived a few minutes early. I began looking for someone who looked as though they might be waiting for me. While I was visually scanning the area I absent mindedly removed the scarf I had tied around my jacket and set it on the seat next to me.

Suddenly I realized what I'd just done. I had done this same action maybe hundreds of times now, but this time, for some reason, I noticed.For the first time I really thought about why I'd removed my scarf, and the answer came to me with simple, eerie clarity. I was removing the scarf around my neck because I didn't want it to be used as a weapon against me.

Even with this sudden epiphany I wanted to stay in denial, but my anxiety forced me into awareness. I had been denying my fear and compromising my safety every time I met an online client in person for the first time. Were they who they said they were? What were their intentions? Were they here to really look at the house, or did they have ulterior motives?

The reality that I didn't know any of these answers stunned me; I realized that for years I'd been putting tremendous energy into holding these concerns at bay. The relief of acknowledgement was huge. But what should I do now that I know?

I couldn't continue putting myself at risk. I looked for solutions, and didn't find any. So I decided to create one. And with the help of very smart people, Secure Show® was developed.

We all now have a viable, affordable and easy option to fill the void that was created when the internet became our method of initial contact. We have the missing piece needed to provide everyone with a proactive solution to taking one giant step toward lowering the risk of meeting strangers.

Secure Show® Identity Verification for safer face-to-face meetings.