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Real Estate Startup Looks To Fight Crime

"A lot of real estate companies and associations suggest getting (prospective clients) to come to your office and (copy) their driver's license, but with real estate the way it's done now with everything online, that's very impractical, and agents want to get the sale, so it's easy to compromise one's own well-being," said Lynn Robertson, Secure Show's founder and CEO. Read more of this article.

First Rule of Realtor Safety: Know thy Client

The kidnapping and armed robbery of a Pennsylvania Realtor by a man who posed as a prospective buyer is the latest  reminder of  the dangers that real estate agents face when performing even the most basic tasks,  Read more of this article

Robbery and Assault by Appointment

Fox television news recently presented a feature story on a new trend in crime:
“Robbery and assault by appointment.” Watch this video