Rentals & Property Mgrs

real04Rental markets in most regions are growing as some previous home owners have decided to rent until values stabilize. Credit checks are a standard part of the rental application process but very little is done to screen prospective renters before showing a unit. Secure Show can assist in protecting managers during private showings while acting as a first step in the screening process. The low cost of a Secure Show verification can easily be absorbed into standard rental application fees.

Step #1
"Can I see your property in person?"
A prospective buyer or renter expresses interest in seeing a property in a private showing, and contacts the broker, agent or landlord. The agent explains their policy is to verify the identity of all prospects with a simple 5 minute process — Secure Show!
Step #2
"Just follow the link"
The agent purchases a verification and sends the prospect a link to complete the verification process. The Secure Show servers will first confirm the prospect's cell phone, then coach them through a simple scan of their driver's license and uploading a photo.
Step #3
"You've been verified. Let's meet"
Once the I.D. has been verified, Secure Show will send both parties a certificate with a unique match code and photo of the person they are meeting. It can be printed or displayed on a mobile device.